Sunday, September 27, 2009

Raj Singh

Raj Singh is the second doll in the Maharajah's Palace series made for Susan Tay. This is how Susan describes Raj Singh:

A most handsome prince. He loves Maya but will only marry Tara. A philanderer and a hedonist, he spares no expense to acquire all things pleasing to his senses. The palace, their clothes, the furnishings will all be testaments to his expensive taste and his lavish lifestyle.

To read more about the characters as Susan envisions them, visit:

In the movie, Raj Singh is portrayed as an ill-tempered and cruel man, and I was really excited when I was told by friends that the doll has a cruel glint in his eyes!

Raj Singh was played by Naveen Andrews in Kama Sutra


  1. Susan is so lucky, these dolls are so unique and beautiful! Cheers, Jean

  2. Yes I am :). The 3D gold dots will look great on Tara's hems and sleeves etc. I also love the metallic band from Urvashi fact I love everything about Urvashi and hope that she will arrive together with the the rest ;).

  3. Wonderful dolls. Susan is indeed very lucky.


  4. Thank you all for such kind words :D

  5. You've managed to recreate Raj Singh's arrogant, cruel, hedonistic air perfectly. As beautiful as he is, he looks so real that I almost cringe to see him because I do not know what treacherous thoughts are going through his mind.

  6. You just don't see this kind of doll very often!