Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Jai Kumar

Jai Kumar is the first of four dolls I am making for Susan Tay in Singapore, who is set on creating the most fabulous Maharajah's Palace based on the movie Kama Sutra.

This is how Susan described Jai Kumar...

"With the looks and body of a God, Jai is the palace chief artisan and carver and does all the stone works for the palace. He is the Michaelangelo of the Maharajah's Palace . He is also Maya's lover and everyone's dream man. Even Tara had a crush on him when she was a child with no worldly concerns like marrying into the 'right' family."

To read more about the characters as Susan envisions them, visit:

Jai Kumar was played by Ramon Tikaram in Kama Sutra


  1. Sighhh...He is to die for! Thanks Sumaiya for the link! Xerxes says hi :)!

  2. He is amazing.

    Ramon Tikaram is so handsome...a favorite of mine for a long time.


  3. He is so wonderful very hansom ;-)